As a pharmacy student pursuing a career in healthcare, you will always hear about volunteering for projects, humanitarian causes, and donating to the less fortunate.

As paltry students, we are taught that we have no intrinsic value in the professional world. The only commodity we have to offer is time and energy, which equals free labor.

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So we sign up for “extracurricular” activities hoping to gain skills and prove ourselves worthy to potential future employers.

We sign up for projects we don’t have time for. We prioritize volunteering over studying. In addition, we join committees, become board members, and go to conventions. This hunger to achieve compels us, so we can add more credentials and log more hours on the resume to showcase our candidacy.

For many pharmacists, this incessant drive to do more stops upon graduation, especially when the job offer has been extended. They get the career, the passion dies down, and then the mundane begins.

Luckily, some choose to avoid the minutiae of ordinary life. There is a different breed of healthcare professional that wants to follow a straight and narrow path.

There are some that fixate on something other than the resume/CV.

These pharmacists focus on their passion and purpose.

They focus on simply doing good for others using strengths, skills, and their two hands.

Whether it is cleaning up trash or handing out refreshments for marathon runners is good. Doing good can also be wheeling out patients who have been discharged from a hospital. Doing good is a way to add value to others. We all add value in our own way, using our personal brand.

Our worth as healthcare professionals really boils down to how much value we can contribute to our patients, our colleagues, and our world.

We don’t care what can or can’t go on the resume or CV; it doesn’t define us or our true worth.

We don’t stop caring, giving back, or aspiring just because we are now in positions of authority and have careers set for life.

All we know and care about is increasing our impact and influence on people and our environment so we can have a better future.

We volunteer and do more because serving others is our true calling in life.

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Business Tips from The Corporate PharmD

  • Volunteer and do more because it aligns with your personal philosophy, passion, or purpose
  • Seek out skills and experiences, not just a line on your resume/CV
  • Don’t compare your efforts and accomplishments with others – apples and oranges
  • Find a way to continue adding value and serving others in your career as a Corporate PharmD

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