Today, I was working in the “field,” aka not stuck behind the computer screen.

I still opted to use my pharmacy as my office, and I was able to witness a different side to the ordinary chaos.

Now that we’re in the heat of flu season, I’m used to the colors on the screen.




The computer screen bellows with all its fury.

Many pharmacists have fallen from this disease called “queue anxiety.” Many never get back up.

Today, I’m far removed, looking up reports on the company laptop, sending emails left and right to cover my boss while on vacation.

I can hear the phone calls blazing in the background, the announcements of “waiter up” and “4, 5, 6 flu shots incoming.” Each paired with their own hodge podge of expanded immunizations.

I put my Galaxay buds in to try and tune it all out so I can focus on supporting the district.

However, there’s a small part of me burning inside that wants to jump over and help defend against all the pharmacy warfare I overhear.

I know the queue is a nightmare because I can hear the clack of keystrokes at 100 WPM.

I’m worried about my team, but I try to use a different measurement of success these days.

Gone are the days of me jumping into workflow to help clean up. It’s not about operational workflow anymore.

Nowadays, I’m only a nuisance who is the slowest to put away medicine. I don’t even know where things are located anymore.

Top 200 is always changing, and I just mess things up.

My team can handle it all.

So, what am I really worried about?

In The Face Of Danger

I peer over the stack of warehouse crates to assess my team’s faces. This is the true indicator of their well-being.

And to my surprise..

I see smiles while they’re on the phone.

I hear laughter as they mock the computer screen and the daunting workload.

Of course, I know there’s a ton of work to do; there’s no doubt about it.

But my team’s ability to “laugh in the face of danger” warms my heart in this moment.

My anxiety and worry for them goes away.

It’s a fleeting insecurity almost like that of a father and his children’s safety.

I want to protect them from the evil and negativity of the world.

But right now in the face of all this adversity, they don’t need me.

My team is made up of rockstars.

Match them up with any other team, and they’d make it all the way to the Pharmacy Olympics.

Resilience. Growth Mindset. Hustle. Positivity. Genuine Compassion. Accountable. Leadership.

The day ended with one of the worst looking queues this store has ever seen. It’s going to be one hell of a Friday tomorrow.

But when you have an A-Player Team and a supremely profitable business, nothing troubles you anymore. You’re unstoppable.

Another day in the life of Retail Pharmacy, baby. TGIF

-Mr. Corporate Pharmacist