Many people get their PharmD for the money, others for the status.

Some people get their PharmD to research and compound, others for the “hands off” approach to healthcare.

A few people get their PharmD to solve complex clinical problems, even fewer to solve people problems.

I became a Corporate PharmD in order to impact my patients’ healthcare on a large scale; to use my strengths to make a difference in a way that leads to positive long-term outcomes.

I don’t want to just treat symptoms, but rather to prevent them. I want to teach and empower people to take care of their own health and wellness; not rely on quick fixes or Dr. Google-WebMD.

But being a corporate clinician means more than just knowing the clinical guidelines and treatment protocols. It is more than just finding answers and being a subject matter expert.

More Than Just a Clinician

In order to deeply make an impact on a person, mastering the human connection is necessary. Building trust, mentoring others, and developing a team to lead with heart is the stepping stone to cascading that genuine care to a large patient population, my community.

I am a Doctor of Pharmacy, but I also am a businessman. I protect my patients’ from death and affliction, and I also protect my business from regulatory risk and financial crisis.

This Corporate PharmD is happily employed by a big pharmacy corporation. With so many powerful tools and systems at my disposal, I leverage and align every single platform and program to positively impact my patients and technicians.

I would never be able to make such a big impact on my own. Therefore, I don’t like to waste any resources, and I definitely cannot fathom losing the company any money.

Think like an executive. Act like one.

Thinking Big

Managing a profitable and efficient business and implementing patient care systems is crucial to touching the lives of every one of the 25,000 patients that see me every year.

Whether it’s once a year to get their immunization or every day to learn about diabetes and nutrition, the rapport and influence I’ve built with my patients enables me to scale the healthcare that I provide.

I don’t have to be present 24/7 in all of my patients’ lives in order to make a long-lasting effect. I choose to nurture and build my circle of healthcare influence so that I can leave behind a legacy that persists far beyond what I can reach myself.

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