after 6 FULL weeks, you'll be
more than just a degree...
You'LL BE a corporate pharmd

Do you want to stand out in the competitive pharmacy job market?

Do you want to crush interviews with all the leadership experiences employers are looking for?

Do you want to graduate being 100% confident that you will dominate your career?

Here's your chance to take the

Here's What To Expect

Digital Boot Camp

You will have direct access to your preceptor 24/7 through 1 on 1 coaching, private messaging platforms, and online video content.

Real-World Leadership Simulations

Strategically crafted simulations to simulate the complex, challenging environment as a new-grad, Retail Pharmacy Leader.

Accelerated Development

The course is designer to get you the most applicable leadership skills in the quickest time frame possible.


Day 1: How To Build Trust On Purpose

Day 2: How To Verbally De-Escalate When They Want The Manager

Day 3: How To Influence Others When You're Brand New

Day 4: Holding Others Accountable When You Have No Authority

Day 5: How To Coaching Others When You Are Shy Or Introverted

Day 6: How To Motivate And Get Your Team To Buy-In 100%

Day 7: How To Prevent Being A Micromanager And Being Micromanaged

Day 8: How To Beat Metrics When You Have No Business Experience

Day 9: How To Dispense Narcotics Without Fear or Anxiety
Day 10: How To Manage Without Any Prior Experience

Day 11: How To Juggle Patient Safety, Customer Satisfaction, And Corporate Demands

Day 12: How To Build The Best Team And Work Culture

Day 13: How To Get 30-Minute Lunches And 15-Minute Breaks

Day 14: How To Climb The Corporate Ladder Without Selling Your Soul


Wh​at You'll Be Learning

What does the actual War Game course content look like? Watch this video to get a sample of the course content and how the lessons will be laid out. ***CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION***

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What My Soldiers Are Saying

What do my past students think of the rotation?

“Kevin definitely pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone. Rather than me asking questions, Kevin constantly asked me questions regarding specific goals I had for each day, what kind of leader/manager I want to become, etc. He asked a lot of questions my previous preceptors had never asked me, which forced me to think in different ways and to see situations from different perspectives.”

Anonymous Roseman Student

“Kevin is a very inspirational and motivating preceptor, pharmacist, manager, and leader. He cares a lot not only for his patients, but also his colleagues. He takes the time to listen to them and do what he can to assist them. Although he may ask a lot of difficult questions, through those questions, he is able to pinpoint where I lack understanding and the areas of improvement I can focus on.”

Anonymous Roseman Student

“Kevin is truly considered and dedicates his time to reach your personal goals. He also challenges to think as a pharmacist and gives amazing advice.”

Anonymous Roseman Student

“If a student plans on just going in and filling and checking out this is not the site for them. Kevin will push your limits and thoughts every visit.”

Anonymous Roseman Student

“Kevin gives constructive criticisms. Working with him made me realize the things I need to work on. He is a great role model and he really loves his job. He didn't only show me what pharmacist does, but also showed me the business side of pharmacy. He challenged me everyday and that showed me he really cares about his students.”

Anonymous Roseman Student

“Very passionate about his work and being a pharmacy manager. Wanted to expose me to everything possible that I would be responsible for as a future pharmacy manager over just a 6 week time span.”

Anonymous Roseman Student

“I had the experience of getting to understand the management side of pharmacy. I was able to review store metrics, analyze profit and loss reports, adjust technician scheduling, conduct intern interviews, talk to the district supervisor about our flu clinic, etc.”

Anonymous Roseman Student

“The site gives you the opportunity to think about what kind of leader you are and what kind of leader you want to become. It forces you to think about how you will make decisions and how you will take responsibility for your actions.”

Anonymous Roseman Student

“Kevin has a really driven and encouraging personality, which might seem a bit intimidating at first. But, because of his proactive nature, he has taught me so much this year and I cannot thank him enough. Through this rotation I have learned how to properly screen patients for vaccines, effectively communicate with other healthcare professionals through calls, learn how to talk to patients in a more empathizing and understanding way, and so much more. Kevin has taught me the importance of educating patients properly and that counsels should take as long as they need. If patients understand how medications work and the importance of adherence, we can prevent the worsening of disease progression, and patients may even start to think twice before skipping their medications. Furthermore, Kevin demonstrated the importance patient care throughout the rotation for he has never just given up on a patient because they were too difficult, which was inspiring to me as a student pharmacist. I used to dread the idea of working in retail, but I have overtime learned to see how pharmacists in a retail setting can really impact patient care through Kevin's passion. Through this rotation, I have also learned to be more confident and assertive. Prior to this year, I have never really thought about what to expect from each rotation. Kevin has challenged me to set goals for myself, to ask more questions, and to be more proactive throughout the rotation and has been keeping track of my progress. His high expectations for me has allowed me to challenge myself, grow, and become a better healthcare provider. Again, I learned so much from this rotation this year that I cannot simply summarize it into one paragraph. But overall, I would highly recommend it for future students to come!”

Anonymous Roseman Student

“This preceptor completely changed my outlook on community pharmacy and instilled a sense of confidence and hope that I could do as well as he has and teach just the same. This rotation exceeded my expectations in more ways than I could have anticipated, and I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn alongside this team and in this environment.”

Anonymous Roseman Student

100% Job Offer Guarantee

I truly believe this rotation will transform you and your career more than you ever thought possible. I'm so sure 

I guarantee you will get a job offer after graduation. 

If you complete every module and simulation in the curriculum, win the War Game, and are unable to get a job offer by 6 months after graduation, I will personally PAY YOU $500.

Multiply that by 8-16 students per year, and that is a hefty sum. I'm still paying off my own loans, but this is how much I believe in your development.


***Disclaimer: you must be actively seeking employment and demonstrating due diligence efforts to qualify (subject to extreme scrutiny by yours truly)***

The Next WAR GAME Starts In:


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