Everyone’s shut their doors, barricading themselves from the masses.

They have turned their backs on fellow humans as they seek self-preservation during these uncertain times.

Apocalypse is finally happening.

Funny thing, is that Retail Pharmacy has already seen apocalypse happen.

Every day, at the pharmacy, our lives are turned upside down as people disregard our humanity.

We’re used to being treated 2nd, 3rd, or last on the list of priorities.

Thats because the Oath we swore was to protect and serve others.

To advocate for patients and their healthcare.

We may not have been ready upon graduation to see what that truly entails, but we sure do live it every day.

Afflicted patients who tear at our souls because of inner turmoil and disease.

Bosses who have financial ulterior motives behind their whips.

Coworkers who want to spread chaos and rebellion.

That’s why CoVid-19 doesn’t surprise us. The scar tissue on our faces and backs has hardened our resolve against adversity.

So, are we surprised by all this? No, not one bit.

While some of us are able to press on and march, others are thinking about how to live purposefully.

Some of us want to continue growing somehow.

How do we do this when the world is collapsing all around us?

Personally, I am thriving under these conditions because I have my mission.

And it is so consistent and clear:

Serve others.

Now, more than ever, people are finally seeing what value we offer as healthcare providers.

We are a constant, on the front lines.

Medics being sent into the battlefield. Out into the middle of open fire, scouting for the fallen.

So many people need us, to be present, unafraid, and save them from all this uncertainty.

They don’t know if we’re going to make it past all this pandemic warfare.

But I know that’s irrelevant.

My job is to serve, to protect, to heal. If we all just focus on this, we will make it.

That’s why I am unscathed by the walls of quarantine.

Solitude doesn’t rattle me because I focus all of my heart and mind on the mission.

It’s what makes up my life-blood.

What’s the next step for me once I get my next assignment?

I need to be prepared for the upcoming mission.

Every day is training day, and my heart is ready.

Serve, protect, and heal.

-Mr. Corporate Pharmacist