They will call us overpaid “bean counters,” the pill pushers who have sold their souls to big corporations.

The masses will squawk how we are mindless automatons who don’t stand up for ourselves or our profession.

They will say that we are not true clinicians because we rely on DUR checks and protocols.

The beaten and downtrodden cry out how we are obsolete and soon to be replaced by machines.

They will say […..]

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We’re More Than Just A Pretty Face

Yet, people do not witness the sheer force of will, mental fortitude, and resilience it takes to be a Corporate PharmD.

We balance regulatory compliance, clinical care, and professional liability. We do all this while managing the operations of an omnichannel healthcare business for thousands of patients per day.

Therefore, we are pioneers of a new age where access to a healthcare provider doesn’t just mean treatment. Instead, it means a complete 360 degree healthcare service. We’re talking prevention, education, empowerment, lowering costs, and longitudinal care.

We also provide human connection to give hope towards a better future. We are proud to achieve better clinical outcomes created through PharmD-made systems.

Sadly, the elitists of the profession stand tall, thinking they cast a shadow over retail pharmacists. All because they successfully escaped their worst fears on the job.

They fear being held accountable for million-dollar businesses, their patients’ longevity and well-being, and their own personal health. In fact, we fear it just the same.

But as corporate leaders, we successfully manage all three. How? By continually stretching the fibers of our mental capacity while using strategic training and resting periods.

We embrace the synergy between systems, protocols, and PharmD intuition. The pool of resources and multi-channel levers we own to positively impact healthcare are unparalleled. Yet, we understand that “with great power, comes great responsibility.”

What We Really Do

The true corporate pharmacists are unfaltering in their disposition. We don’t worry about being relevant in the future because we are always thinking with a growth mindset. They call us healthcare innovators.

In our charge, we stand up for hundreds of thousands of patients who don’t feel they have a say in their healthcare.

We stand up for and protect our technician colleagues who bear the brunt of mentally and emotionally sick patients every day.

We stand up and advocate for our physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals and reassure our patients that together we are all one team.

Never listen to fear and negativity. Adversity and challenge is the name of the game.

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Business Tips from The Corporate PharmD

  • Ignore the squawking and squealing of those outside the corporate profession
  • Don’t give into negativity and sarcasm from peers – it only breeds internal resentment over time
  • Embrace your role as a Healthcare and Business Leader
  • If you chose the wrong profession or career path, admit it and move on instead of polluting everyone else’s spirits

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