This morning, I’m laying on the floor of my garage after an intense battle ropes session.

I started working out again 4 weeks ago after a heart to heart moment with my bathroom scale.

“No way,” I said. Stagnation and complacency were taking control of me.

This felt all too familiar because I felt the same way 3 years ago at the pharmacy.

Killed By The Status Quo

I was getting bored at work, and I felt like I was going nowhere.

My team was “just okay.”

My pharmacy business was in the “middle of the pack.”

I felt indifferent, kind of numb, waking up and opening the pharmacy gates.

I was just like any other pharmacist going through the same retail pharmacy struggles as everyone else.

Back then, it was painful trying to remember what my vision as a pharmacy student was.

I was so driven by the thought of changing the world. So young and naive. Yet, so powerful in energy and spirit.

I hated hearing the masses squawk and complain about the never-ending problems they encountered, always quick to point fingers.

As a student, I vowed never to blame anyone but myself for things I wanted but couldn’t have.

And then 3 years ago, it dawned on me: I hadn’t made my vision come true yet, and I had become a slave to the grind.

I didn’t come to work excited for the day, and I wasn’t making a difference on a large scale.

It was disheartening. I didn’t have the dream culture I always wanted at work.

And it wasn’t anyone else’s fault but my own. I had failed.

Keeping The End In Mind

Fast forward 3 years later, and I look back at the steps I had taken.

It’s like snowboarding through fresh, untouched mountain powder.

Looking back, I could see the exact trail taken.

All the zig zags and straight drops. Even each wipe out spot clear from a mile away.

I’m thinking, “Freaking crazy. I did that?”

And then, I think,  “What if I had never reflected and stumbled upon that epiphany 3 years ago?”

Would I have a crazy motivated, high-performing team now? Man, do I love them.

Would I be positioned at the top of my company, primed for a promotion, but not needing one? I’m in no rush, but nothing says job stability quite like this feeling.

Would I love my job, my calling, regardless of my title? Freedom is the feeling of knowing my true purpose, no matter where I am.

Lying on the floor of my garage, I realized that everything happens because of that initial vision.

The burning desire that is easily suppressed and forgotten.

What comes after is easy. The planning. The execution. The accomplishments and the accolades.

Four weeks of hardcore exercise is nothing. But what keeps me going through all the pain and the sweat is thinking about the end.

I think about it day and night. I can’t let my vision fade away.

What’s your burning desire? The one your heart reminds you about..

That’s your real voice.

What’s holding you back?

Right now, I’m thinking about myself 10 lbs lighter.

– Mr. Corporate Pharmacist