Internal Warfare

I can’t shake the relentless whispers that haunt me when I look at my white coat.

These collective whispers linger long after and have created a beast that is tearing the pharmacy profession apart.

If we don’t do something about this now, our profession will slowly die from the inside out.

That’s because we’re fighting a war where our enemies lay hidden.

They plant traps that undermine the profession and cause dissent from within.

Our enemies use guerrilla warfare tactics to pick off the weak and innocent from afar.

They use surgical precision to target the very best leaders from practicing pharmacy with passion and purpose.

In all of these ways, pharmacists in Retail Pharmacy are losing willpower to continue in their careers.

Somewhere along the way, our students, PharmD’s, and leaders have forgotten the Oath and their purpose to fight.

To fight for humanity, the profession, and for the next generation of pharmacists.

Something needs to change.

Strategy #1 – Fortification

So, I wake up in the morning thinking to myself, “What good can I do for the world today?”

I think close at first.

Family, friends, colleagues.

Life is all about service weaved into our daily routines.

When you have two working hands, a roof over your head, and food on the table, it’s hard not to show gratitude to the powers above.

As I grab my new clean-pressed white coat off the hanger, I start to hear the whispers again.

But I ignore them, and I walk over to the book shelf to grab some positive words and replenish my spirits for ten minutes.

The latest Pharmacist’s Letter sits on my night stand and calls out to me.

I must re-sharpen.

The written word is the most powerful tool to help fortify the mind.

I also make a quick phone call to a friend, someone that also loves their job as a pharmacist.

It’s important to hear real-life voices of fellow comrades; together, we are stronger.

As I slide my white coat over my dress shirt and tie, I try to shake off the whispers.

Strategy #2 – Reconnaissance

But more come to me, so I try think about all the people out there in need.

My technicians who I work with need leadership and genuine care.

Each day, they combat negativity and physical trauma from the workplace.

Somewhere, pharmacy managers need insight and inspiration to make their jobs easier.

Their spirits are so fragile during the hostile landscape of budget cuts and pay decreases.

Students who are about to graduate need guidance and protection from negativity and cynicism.

They represent our future, but they will be the first casualties of this war.

My patients need a pharmacist whose mental and spiritual capacity is not only full to the brim, but also constantly overflowing.

Their emotional tank is always half-empty, and declining health is the primary cause.

Today is just another ordinary day for a Corporate PharmD, but I need to stay sharp and resilient.

Continual surveillance of the pharmacy landscape and all of our people is crucial.

If I don’t plant, sow, and work to rejuvenate these barren wastelands, so many people will suffer.

Who else needs my help, and where can I put my hands and mind to work?

Strategy #3 – Saving Lives

Will today be the day I save a life with verification scrutiny?

Or will it be the day I save a pre-PharmD from quitting their lifelong passion?

Maybe it will be the day I save thousands of lives by teaching a caring manager how to run her business even more safely.

The people in my circle of influence need constant care and replenishment.

Every day in Retail Pharmacy, thousands of worn-down technicians, interns, and pharmacists lose hope for their careers.

They fail to filter out the white noise of negativity and cynicism and let other people speak entirely for them.

The relentless whispers of the scared, the afflicted, and the fallen stifle the voices of those truly passionate for healthcare and pharmacy.

And they are too tired to speak up, thinking they won’t make a difference.

So many lives are at stake, but many of them don’t even know they’re in trouble until it’s too late.

As a pharmacist, I am directly responsible for listening to people in need and making a difference, no matter the circumstance.

And it’s so much bigger than just helping the people at my pharmacy counter.

Healthcare and leadership span far beyond the four walls of this Retail Pharmacy castle I’ve built.

There’s so much work to do, but it’s time to save some lives.