There will be days that you fear opening up your pharmacy. You have no idea what awaits behind closed doors.

Whether you had 5 floaters work before you, or if the previous shift marred and crushed your spirits so badly you want to quit.

The anxiety we sometimes feel in Retail Pharmacy is very, very real.

We Live in an Apocalyptic Retail World

On top of that, it can be disillusioning to listen to our peers who enjoy spouting the atrocities of our profession.

The theme of complaints is usually the same: 1) rude patients 2) terrible working conditions 3) poor management

What was once a fruitful and thriving profession, the increasing demands of corporations have produced working conditions only fit for well-trained leaders and managers.

Combine that with poor upper management, and the retail pharmacy landscape transforms into barren wastelands inhabited by the walking dead.

Every day, pharmacists and technicians bombard us and the world with their hateful comments towards our profession, our companies, and our patients.

I understand that intentions for satire may be good, and a little venting is needed every once in a while.

But when you compound the complaints a thousand times via social media, blog posts, and every day conversations, microscopic damage turns into widespread, systemic hemorrhaging.

Protect Your Minds and Spirits

I don’t know about you, but listening to hate and cynicism makes me weary. Something about despair and misery brings my spirits down, and it stunts my ability to dream.

It’s kind of cheesy, but I love thinking about the future and what could be. I long to make a real difference in the world, one patient and one student at a time.

My vision mindset is what keeps me going through stressful times. It’s what inspires me to work hard and turn on beast mode.

I like to think that adversity, challenge, and failure are no match for the armor of optimism and hope.

But that protection weakens every day without careful forging and reinforcement.

Every day, I work tirelessly to ensure I protect the walls of my home and mind from my negativity.

Every day, I read, pray, and fight the lures and temptations to follow paths contrary to my true values.

Working in Retail Pharmacy is no different. I choose to deflect arrows of cynicism because I love my profession, my job, and my patients.

Some people tire of my relentless re-framing of negative to positive. So, I meet their faces of disgust with cheer and enthusiasm.

The downtrodden do not phase me because I look past, far ahead of them, and into the horizon.

Ultimately, I know where I want to go, and I will dodge, deflect, and destroy anything that gets in my way or threatens my hope and inspiration.

My fellow Corporate PharmD’s, I challenge you all to find what inspires you and to fight every single day to protect it.

-Mr. Corporate Pharmacist