The day started off with an innocent call out at the pharmacy: one of my technicians had a flight delay. How I handle this can either make or break my day.

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That’s gotta be rough. Show some resilience and courage. I hope she makes it back safely.

I have two students coming in today, but teaching doesn’t make life easier. One new student = -0.5 technician.

Pharmacist interns are not part of workflow. This is going to be a challenge, and I need to get creative.

My new technician trainee doesn’t know how to manage workflow yet, and my other technician is pulling the excess weight.

Set the bar high, but remember to coach positively. Show more emotional resilience during the inevitable chaos.

The lines are long, and patients are starting to glare at me.

My verification queue is so backed up and red, but my team needs me to lead. My patients need their pharmacist to step up.

The students were far from perfect today. Patients probably wondered why service was so slow with all these people “working.”

Remind them of their purpose as a healthcare provider. Why did I become a pharmacist?

Thirty minutes left until my pharmacy closes, and I am unable to form grammatically correct sentences.

Take a breather from the screen, and show some appreciation for your team. Your job is to protect and shield them from stress, negativity, and cynicism.

I have to pick up a store transfer from another pharmacy after I leave work. They didn’t answer the phone for 20 minutes, so who knows what I’m walking into.

Here’s my chance to make a meaningful impact on a downtrodden team. So what if I am working off the clock? Roll up your sleeves, and help my pharmacy brethren reduce some queue anxiety. 

The night finally ended.

My true calling is to serve my fellow man above all else.[sta_anchor id=”biztips20″ /]

Business Tips from The Corporate PharmD

  • Always give your team the benefit of the doubt and look for patterns of behavior
  • Give recognition more than criticism, about a 3-1 ratio
  • Put people before tasks, even if the queue tells you otherwise
  • Demonstrate courage and be positive in the face of negativity and cynicism

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