If you’ve read through My Zero to Hero Retail Pharmacy Journey, you’ll discover many ways someone can fail at management and leadership while working as a Corporate Pharmacist. What I hope you find on this website is a different perspective, a view through untainted, innocent eyes. But I’m far from an optimist.

I’ve been through it all and live to tell a very different tale than what you usually hear in the world of retail pharmacy. Every day, I choose to practice ownership and leadership because I love my patients, colleagues, and profession. Hence, I fight every day to protect and elevate all three. I don’t want to just survive in retail pharmacy; I thirst to thrive.

My biggest wish is that you find hope and inspiration to help shield against the relentless negativity and cynicism that plagues our profession. There is no secret formula or algorithm for success in Retail Pharmacy. But through adversity, perseverance, and reflection one finds their true calling and endless possibilities for growth and development.

My mission is to unite aspiring pharmacy practitioners and leaders to recharge the profession of retail pharmacy. The Corporate PharmD’s footprint in healthcare is so enormous. We cause huge waves and ripples far and wide, and for generations to come.

Therefore, the damage we do collectively can be positive or negative on a large scale. And it’s 100% our choice.

It’s finally time to polarize the profession and separate the beasts from the cynics.

-Mr. Corporate Pharmacist