It’s 4 pm at the pharmacy, and the hordes come flocking.

Flu season is like zombie apocalypse.

I have 60+ prescriptions screaming OVERDUE at me in a blood orange color

I think to myself, “If I don’t take a lunch break now, it will never happen.”

But right as I’m about to flee to the back, 2 of my regulars come up to the counsel window, waving me down.

Perfect Timing

Looks like they want a tutorial on how to use their new Freestyle Libre system that I had recommended.

What perfect timing.

I’ll be honest; my heart sank for a moment.

I wasn’t hangry yet, but I was borderline.

But luckily, these were 2 of my favorites.

I told myself to suck it up for a second.

Walking over, I thought about an exit strategy, as I wasn’t even an expert on these patches (I never used them before).

But arriving at the counsel window, I saw a helpless, confused look on the wife’s face.

“These were so expensive to buy, and they look so complex.

I didn’t want to mess anything up.”

The husband was completely silent.

I could tell that she was in charge of all the medicine for both of them.

PharmD To The Rescue

In that moment, I realized that she was really counting on her pharmacist to relieve some of the weight that she carried.

Having to take care of your own health, in addition to someone else’s, is a huge burden.

So I said, “Let’s open these bad boys up right now and play with them.”

The chaos of workflow behind me had to be tuned out for a minute.

It was simple enough to read through the instructions; but they were both super engaged, asking back to back questions.

It was like watching 10 year olds open up a new remote controlled car for the first time.

“What does this piece do? How do you turn it on? Let me try!”

They playfully fought over who could test their machine out first.

Principles Of The Profession

My stomach grumbled, but this small moment was what pharmacy school talks about all the time.

This idea of Patient Empowerment.

After today, they would no longer need me to hold their hand.

They understood the importance of monitoring blood sugar frequently and were super excited to use their newfound knowledge to improve their health.

And they were having fun with it.

Of course, I couldn’t resist sprinkling in some tidbits on fasting and post-prandial ranges and nutrition tips.

Overall, this entire counsel interaction and demonstration took only 15 minutes, and they were so grateful and astonished at how simple the process was.

Proud Reminder

As I exited the conversation, I lingered for a few seconds longer just to say good bye.

I was proud of them, especially the wife.

She could have just called the pharmacy, but she wanted to involve her husband in his own healthcare.

And she wasn’t afraid to ask for help.

If I was a betting man, she’s probably going to tell all her friends about her new Freestyle Libre.

I returned to my dashboard, only to discover 5 new waiters on top of my nightmare queue.

But it doesn’t bother me.

Now was the perfect time to take my lunch.

-Mr. Corporate Pharmacist