Dear Corporate PharmD,

Your energy and enthusiasm are unlimited, and it’s so inspiring to work with and for someone like you.

Each day, you demonstrate phenomenal work ethic, punctuality, and collaboration with your team members.

They would all take a bullet for you.

Negativity always comes knocking on our door, but it’s always a sunny day in the pharmacy when you’re on the clock. No one can bring together a team quite like you can. What’s your secret?

I also love how quick you scramble to greet and serve the guest. It’s as if each patient that visits the pharmacy is a long-lost friend of yours. The fire you have inside for patient care and interaction burns fiercely and inspires others.

For example, walking patients to find medicine and counseling in the OTC aisles never inconveniences you. It’s so refreshing to work with someone that loves people so much.

I’m especially proud of how proactive you are in your role as a pharmacist. Not only do you lead by example of doing things first, you consistently execute above expectations. You never have to be told twice do fulfill your clinical and business responsibilities. Believe it or not, but integrity is now on the verge of extinction.

Similarly, you’re so loyal to the promises you make, it gives you tremendous credibility in the workplace. You always show up early and are the last to leave. You’re not trying to impress anyone except yourself, and that’s why others follow you.

I also admire how seriously you take yourself and our profession. When patients see you delivering healthcare services, they flock to interact with you. Sometimes, they wait 15-20 minutes just to speak with you and no one else. That’s because you never waiver in your genuine love and affection for others. It’s never too busy to share a smile or a few words to catch up and build your relationships with patients.

Looking at you wear the white coat humbles me. The way you hold yourself and influence others is far above your peers. Your personal philosophy is to do good for others, and to do it extremely well. Let’s be honest. You’re an overachiever, and you have no qualms about it.

You work hard and do more than average because it’s in your blood. Settling for mediocrity boils your blood. Much like a hammer whose purpose and function is to pound nails, you’re purpose and function is to be the best pharmacist and human being you can be.

It doesn’t matter where you work. Retail pharmacy, hospital, industry. You never discriminate. Your brain is like a sponge, and you never pump the brakes on learning more. You continually seek answers to the relentless questions you have for everything.

All you know and care about is that there are patients to serve and a status quo to disrupt and improve. That is one of your favorite missions.

Everywhere you go, you leave such a huge imprint on those around you. I am in awe of the systems you continually create to duplicate yourself and inspire others, even in your absence. What drives you to do these things?

I know you do it for yourself, plain and simple. You wholeheartedly enjoy being good at what you do, don’t you?

Your true strength lies in your ability to nourish the spirit of others and suppress your own ego and desires. You are like a combat medic, ready to scale the battlefield to heal your brothers in arms.  Someone like you is well-versed in summoning courage in order to help those in need.

Finally, you know that war is coming, but nothing will stand in your way to fame and glory. Keep being the amazing healthcare provider that you are, Corporate PharmD. The pharmacy profession is dying, and it’s up to you continue inspiring others. It’s up to you to save us all.

-Mr. Corporate Pharmacist

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