Dear Corporate PharmD,

Today, you proved to me how committed you are to the walk of greatness.

You don’t hesitate for one second to volunteer your time for the sake of learning.

You show up on time, dressed for success, and carry yourself in a way that screams, “I take business and healthcare seriously.”

Today, we visited a pharmacy store together, and you presented yourself as a blank slate.

Furthermore, you accepted the mission before you even knew the full details.

But you had faith that whatever the experience, you would give 100% of your time and attention in order to become a better leader.

And so, you started the engagement with full force.

During the pharmacy visit, you didn’t shirk questions or give half-answers.

Instead, you paused thoughtfully and gave personal insight to seasoned pharmacy leaders with ten times as much experience than you.

You demonstrated great humility by praising others when warranted and giving full respect to their autonomy and status.

In return, you earned credibility and permission to impart knowledge and lead discussion.

You were able to influence thinking, change behaviors, and create results through other white coats.

You defended patient safety and enhanced a leader’s ability to improve their work environment.

All in the span of 1 hour.

What was today all about for you?

A new experience, a learning lesson, or pure fun and joy?

Whatever the case, you carried with you an enthusiastic spirit for healthcare, business, and helping others.

It was such a pleasure to witness all the gears grinding in your head as you applied new teachings.

The questions you asked showed me the plasticity of your mind.

Each lesson taught crystallizing between synapses.

Thus, you made me so proud to walk beside you.

Your reservoir of insight and potential for greatness is overflowing.

I want to see you succeed in whatever you do, and you have everything that you need to do it in the palms of your hands.

No one believes in you more than me, and I will always be here to support you however I can.

The next time we meet, I know you will have moved mountains.

I can’t wait to see all that you accomplish.

-Mr. Corporate Pharmacist