Talking to them will drain you, turn your heart black, and twist your mind.

Usually, that mind is on fire, ready for the next achievement, the fame, the glory.

But right now, someone’s in your way.

You’ve Done Nothing Wrong

Spiritual pollution pours from their mouth.

All you hear is negativity and self-defeating language.

They feel threatened by your resolve, so they resort to personal attacks.

Any way to regain their sense of autonomy in their broken world.

They will chip away at your ego, hoping to incite a reaction.

You begin to ponder about root cause, thinking you can solve a problem before you.

What made them this way?

That doesn’t matter because it has nothing to do with you.

Hold Your Resolve

Years of heartache and depression have withered away their minds.

Their walls are up because they’ve been beaten down by too many patients, too many supervisors.

They used to pick between fight or flight, but experience has grown their ego a bit.

So, they’ve given up on fleeing from adversity.

Instead, they are ever-primed to erupt with fists and words of disapproval.

Maturity in a different form.

But you understand that they’ve headed in a different direction and committed to a different lifestyle.

So, you must part ways, hopefully with a handshake.

I implore you: do not fall into the trap of attachment.

You Have Bigger Fish To Fry

You should not be interested in making them feel better.

Massaging broken hearts is not a strength to concern yourself with.

Maybe one day, things will be different for them.

Maybe one day, someone will help them climb out of the dark hole.

But that is not your calling.

You are meant for more.

Stay the course, and fight the fight you were built for.

Give up this battle so you can win the war.

Rise up.

You patients, your colleagues, your profession all need you.

-Mr. Corporate Pharmacist