Dear Corporate PharmD,

I am writing to you today because I fear for your longevity and well-being.

You are in great danger. 

When we last spoke, I asked you, “Why did you choose retail pharmacy as your career?”

You replied with passion and determination coursing through your veins.

Wanting to find your voice in the retail pharmacy world, you were nervous, yet excited for the unknown.

Innocence and courage forged into one person.

You were just on the brink of leaving your student life behind you, but fire burned in your eyes.

Once a fledgling, now spreading their wings.

Four years of didactic and hands-on training under your belt, and now you couldn’t wait to get out into the real world to put it all into action.

You literally drooled at the thought, as you slipped on your white coat.

But I fear for you because external forces now threaten your cause and personal mission.

It’s A Different World Out There

I want to warn you that villains and creatures of the night lurk in the shadows.

When enemies of the profession reveal themselves, you must weaponize your PharmD and the Oath you took.

Eyes sharp. Locked and loaded.

Hostile conditions also await you, unless you know what paths to avoid.

The elements will surprise you, so you must think strategically and use your foresight to see around corners.

Stock up and prepare for winter.

While others face famine and fade into dust, you must persevere and endure the pharmacy profession’s tough times.

Rise up.

Your patients need you.

The profession needs your leadership.

Pushed To The Edge

You’ve worked so hard to get to where you are now, and nothing should be able to take that away from you.

Not even economics or job saturation.

Not even unruly bosses and unsafe working conditions.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t reach the end of your tether.

At times, you will be pushed to the end of the cliff, forced to look down over the edge.

When you’re under pressure, false dichotomies seem real.

Sometimes, you are only given the option to quit or to die a slow death.

But I challenge you to look for the third alternative.

There’s always something more you can do, and it’s those who think creatively that end up on top.

Never give up.

Survival Of The Fittest

These are challenging times, indeed.

Other white coats have taken the red pill, woken up, and despise the harsh realities.

So they feast and cannibalize on one another.

Filled with inner torment from years of cynicism, jaded pharmacists prey on the lifeblood of the innocent for sustenance.

Even the MD treats pharmacists as enemies because of the constant undermining and war tactics from the white coat terrorists.

Every year, pharmacy school factories churn out hordes of clones that want to shepherd you into following convention.

Even in your home pharmacy, you’ve been thrown into the king’s court, not realizing that you are playing the jester’s game of politics.

The balance of power shifts from white coat to suit and tie, and you’ll be tempted to take back some of that power.

Resist that temptation, and follow your voice.

Take The Straight And Narrow Path

Do you have a plan to face and address all the atrocities of the profession?

An uphill battle lies ahead, filled with countless bear traps and mine fields.

You must use your values as your compass to navigate safely.

I have faith in your resolve.

You will not give up or give in to the enemies that want to recruit you.

Nor will you tarnish the white coat brand or the degree you fought so hard to earn.

You will remember the oath that you took, and spread good to those in need.

I know because you promised.

Remember: make a promise, keep a promise.

That is the only way to build a sense of honor for our profession.

I know you won’t disappoint me.

-Mr. Corporate Pharmacist