You will hear horror stories of retail pharmacy, gushing blood, sweat, and tears.

The web is painted with negativity, misery, and cynicism masked as comic relief.

But really, the spirits of retail pharmacists slowly die all across the country.

PharmD’s who hate their patients and their jobs, crying every day for someone to save them.

Don’t listen to them.

Dark Road Ahead

If we give in, we will become nothing more than dust under our white coats.

Unruly patients that make your life miserable; stone-cold bosses who micromanage every aspect of your work life; terrible work conditions that leave your body and mind rotting by day’s end.

All across the nation, pharmacists are being coerced into taking management positions they so dearly despise.

They complain until they suffocate you, crush your professional aspirations, and make you want to switch careers.

You will hear pharmacists tell stories of bravery for how they fought and fought to refuse the forced promotion to pharmacy manager.

On top of that, the seasoned pharmacists mentor pharmacy interns to keep their heads down, count by 5’s, and strive to do less, all in the name of keeping their sanity and “work/life balance.”

All that blood, sweat, and debt to become a practitioner of mediocrity?

Stay The Course

Don’t listen to them. All they see are barren wastelands ahead.

Going through pharmacy school, I always heard the incessant moaning and groaning of my retail-bound peers, “I’d never want to be a pharmacy manager; there are too many metrics, and it’s too much work.”

Then there were the residency-bound elitists who toted how mind-numbing retail pharmacy is. “Pharmacy Company X will hire anyone with a pulse.”

All the while, I slumbered in class. A sleeping dragon.

I didn’t need to listen to this squawking and squealing because I had my own vision.

In order to escape these ruins of the retail pharmacy world, I only had to quiet the voices of the masses.

Business ownership and corporate leadership pulsed through my veins.

I wanted to make a large-scale impact on my community, and I wanted to leave behind a legacy.

The retail pharmacy world was calling out my name, and I knew that a never-ending challenge awaited. Indeed, there’s a lot of work to do.

Mr. Corporate Pharmacist

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Business Tips for The Corporate PharmD

  • Negativity and cynicism will stunt your career growth and impact patient healthcare
  • If you plan to be more than mediocre, prepare yourself for corporate leadership
  • Lead your fellow PharmD’s from behind by protecting them and our profession from negativity
  • Don’t let those who think they’re ahead of you lead you astray