“Hey, this is Mr. Corporate Pharmacist calling for a copy. How’s it going over there?”

“Oh, you know. The usual,” the pharmacist says, sounding defeated and jaded.

Before asking for any information from me, she yells at two different people. I wasn’t sure if they were patients or technicians; it sounded bad either way.

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Sounds like a rough day over there. Happy Friday at least.”

“Ha! It’s my 7th day in a row, and I work all weekend,” she spurts.

Been there. It’s nothing like being in pharmacy school: no responsibilities, no one demanding anything. Don’t you miss being a student?”

(Long sigh) “Yea, for real.”

We go on to reminisce about the good old days in between prescription transfers. I give her a few minutes to take care of counsels; thankfully, she gives me a quick one to do an immunization.

Mutual respect in its highest form.

Respect Our Fellow Corporate Pharmacists

Whenever I call another pharmacy, I never know how crazy it is on the other side of that phone. Sometimes, someone picks up, and then I’m on hold for 10 minutes. Other times, I just hear a click, and then holding for 30 minutes.

Of course, I have business to conduct. I also have doctors, technicians, and patients who need my help and attention.

At any given time, I have a half dozen flu shots to give, twenty things to do for my boss, and a queue that constantly burns red. But on the other side of that phone line is a fellow pharmacist, another human, a child of God.

Therefore, it’s not only my duty to operate a business and take care of my patients, but also my responsibility to care about my peers. Enough to at least get a pulse check and make a Corporate PharmD’s day a little brighter.

Even if it’s just a few curious questions and a nice tone of voice.

There’s never going to be enough technician hours; the patients are never going to stop being demanding; and there’s never going to be a day without at least ten catastrophic problems.

But there should always be enough empathy, compassion, and respect to help one another get through this retail grind.

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Business Tips from The Corporate PharmD

  • Show extra courtesy and respect on the phone with your fellow colleagues –  we’re all on the same team
  • Connect and talk more than just business if possible – back to back business gets tiring
  • Spread empathy and make their job a little easier – we can all use more of this
  • Always give another Corporate PharmD the benefit of the doubt – never assume what’s on the other side of the phone

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