Happiest Pharmacist Alive

Winter is Coming

Today, I experienced an iconic type of visit from the higher ups. My district supervisor came in on one of our busiest days out of the week.

Not only was there a bleeding queue when they walked into the pharmacy, there were a dozen patients flocked around the front of the pharmacy with no regard to the big, red “Wait Here” sign. Continue reading “Happiest Pharmacist Alive”

Day After the Holiday

The day after the holiday, I show up much earlier than usual to start my morning at the pharmacy. I normally go in about a half hour early to get my mind straight and ease into the day.

Also, I need this time to reflect, warm up my joints, and strategize. Every day needs a strategy and a plan in order to execute on my high priorities. Today, I won’t let the grind get to me, so I bring my A-game early.

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