Chained and Whipped: Pavlov’s Pharmacists

You’ll see pharmacists on Reddit using the term “three letter chain,” fearing the wrath of CVS like Harry Potter for Voldemort.

You’ll see pharmacists on Twitter preface their tweets with “all thoughts are my own” as if it protects them for all the terrible things they have to say about their own company.

“Stay away from retail pharmacy if you want to love your job and patients.”

Do you ever wonder why pharmacists are so quick to snap at the limbs when talking about the company they work for?

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First Draft Thoughts On Talent

The day started just like any other, an uphill battle against pharmacy budget cuts.

But we’re boasting twenty percent script growth over budget.

Let me say this another way: corporate only gives us enough tech payroll to meet script budget, not exceed it.

As any responsible business owner, I schedule to this budget, knowing I will probably need to flex up.

That’s because no one truly knows what the real time demand will be.

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