My Pharmacy Mission 2.0

When I was a pharmacy technician in training, I listened to senior techs tell me what a good pharmacist should be like.

When I was a pharmacy student, I listened to jaded pharmacists tell me their definition of happiness.

When I was a new grad pharmacist, I followed my boss’s expectations for what success looked like.

After 3 years, I finally could start breathing because I accomplished so much at my pharmacy, and I had what others wanted.

Yet, I still felt a little empty inside. Continue reading “My Pharmacy Mission 2.0”

Who Laughs In The Face Of Danger?

Today, I was working in the “field,” aka not stuck behind the computer screen.

I still opted to use my pharmacy as my office, and I was able to witness a different side to the ordinary chaos.

Now that we’re in the heat of flu season, I’m used to the colors on the screen.




The computer screen bellows with all its fury. Continue reading “Who Laughs In The Face Of Danger?”

My Origin Story

As soon as the pharmacy gates opened up, a line had already formed at Pick Up. My heart starts to beat faster, and my anxiety slowly builds up.

My technicians are both up front helping patients, and I can overhear conversations escalating.

I’m trying to focus on my pharmacist duties, but the volume of voices increases up front. I can’t concentrate knowing there’s a crisis impending.

We’ve only been open for a total of 5 minutes. Help. Continue reading “My Origin Story”