Mr. Corporate Pharmacist

A Huge Nerd

I’m a Pharmacy Manager that works for a corporate retail pharmacy. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences, Doctor of Pharmacy Degree, and Master of Business Administration. If I didn’t have loans to pay off, I would go back to school over and over again. To this day, I still contemplate getting a business degree or going to medical school. I am a huge nerd and student for life.

A Pharmacy Manager

In my spare time, I continually read personal development and business books. I studied business and leadership in the classroom during undergrad and pharmacy school, but I never had any formal management experience until my first job as a corporate pharmacist. Six weeks after I passed the NAPLEX and law exam, I showed up at my home store, ready for my first day on the job. To much surprise, my supervisor introduced me to the team as the new Pharmacy Manager. This Corporate PharmD had no idea of the promotion.

A People Person

Fast forward 5 years, and you will see me at the pharmacy restraining myself from leaving the verify station. I love customer interaction, visiting with patients, counseling in the OTC aisles, and giving immunizations. I’m so passionate, my patients think I make commissions off immunizations. But really, I gravitate towards anything that gets me away from that computer screen. However, I’ve learned that my role as manager requires me to oversee a business. Ergo, I’ve tempered my zealous ways a bit. I challenge myself every day to find creative ways to fully engage with my patients and technicians while growing profitably as a pharmacy business.

A Teacher, Mentor, and Coach

In addition to interacting with people, one of my other passions is learning new things so that I can be of service to others. I love being helpful, and the best part about being a pharmacy manager are the many opportunities to teach others. Teaching others helps me to learn and grow in ways unimaginable. As a pharmacist, I love coaching patients about healthcare and disease states. As a manager, staffing, training, and developing my pharmacy team brings me so much joy. I don’t know if my direct reports feel the same way, but they really have no choice do they? Also, I precept students from the local pharmacy school and technician school, and I mentor and coach at least 7 up-and-coming professionals per year. I am so happy when I see my colleagues and students become successful in their careers.

A Business Man

During my Pharmacy Management rotation, I love to teach business ownership and leadership skills. My corporate training grounds consisted of on-the-job failures, and I had to learn through so many (some very severe). But, I am lucky to have an amazing pharmacy supervisor to coach me during my struggles. My mission now is to prepare other future leaders for greatness, prevent them from making grave mistakes, and to give them the foundation to be the best leaders and make the most impact on the pharmacy profession. Working as a retail pharmacist gives me the opportunity to learn and exercise new clinical and business skills every day, and it’s part of my job description. Most importantly, I get to make a larger impact on my community of 25,000 patients per year. I hope to expand my reach to others and climb the corporate ranks.

A Grateful Son and Brother

Overall, my purpose in life is to provide to and for others. I’m the first in my family to go to college, graduate with advanced degrees, and work as a licensed healthcare professional. Much of what I am and do in life is in honor of their unconditional love and support for me. I would be nothing without them, and I pray every day for their health, happiness, and well-being. I love you all very much.