I’ve never been one to complain about having to work off the clock

Sadly, it’s almost a rite of passage for the Retail Pharmacist to experience this sort of trauma

It shouldn’t be this way, and we all deserve better working conditions

But at the end of the day, I serve my patients, my team, and my company

I am nothing without any of those things

Without my patients, how do I exercise my clinical knowledge and add value to humanity?

Without my team, how do I increase my reach and influence to impact tens of thousands of people instead of just a few dozen?

And without my company, what resources do I have to grow professionally as a leader and expand my role as a healthcare provider?

I used to work 2 hours before open and 4 hours after closing because I didn’t know how to prioritize and lead my team correctly

Now, I am so grateful to not have to work off the clock because my team runs the pharmacy so well

But I still will go in a little early each day to do something I love: analyze the pharmacy business

I will show up on my days off to mentor my pharmacy students and deliver on my promise: to prepare the next generation of leaders

I will suit up, dress shirt and tie, and “volunteer” my skills and voice to add value to those around me

People may think I’m crazy, that I have no life, or that I am a slave to my company

I call it drinking the “Corporate Kool-Aid,” and it’s delicious

But really, it’s all perception and perspective

One thing is for certain: I’ll never take my two hands and production capabilities for granted

I have a purpose and the means to fulfill it

If I am capable, it is my function and duty to serve

Where would a hammer be without the nail?

Withering away into oblivion from disuse