Nine Most Common Diseases Of Retail Pharmacy

If you ever go to visit the nearest big box, chain pharmacy, you’ll see a dozen patients in line, but only 2-4 people behind the counter.

Mind you, the pharmacy team isn’t just counting pills and putting labels on bottles.

We have up to 6 phone lines and a drive-through line, all of which are usually ringing.

We have a hundred prescriptions that are being called in, faxed, and e-prescribed, all within the last hour.

Insurance rejections delaying therapy for a sick, elderly patient.

Threat of regulatory bodies coming in at any moment to fine and/or suspend licenses.

Risk of litigation due to negligence or dispensing errors.

One look at the pharmacy personnel’s faces will show you that we are stressed out of our minds and unhappy to be caught in the middle of everyone’s problems. Continue reading “Nine Most Common Diseases Of Retail Pharmacy”