State of Retail Pharmacy and What You Can Do About It

This is the hardest year we’ve ever experienced.

Frozen wages and pay cuts. Massive lay-offs and restructuring.

Pharmacist overlap eliminated and corporate targets increasing simultaneously.

Job saturation plagues us, and pharmacy schools remain unsympathetic to the job market.

PBM’s claw back every penny and reduce reimbursements.

Independents and big corporations alike closing shop.

Automation, digital enhancements, verification sharing, numeric waiting bin, and updated phone IVR systems roll out.

All supposed to make our jobs easier, but why does it feel 100 times harder?

What in the world is going on with Retail Pharmacy?
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How To Optimize Your Commute

We spend 30+ hours a year to maintain our Pharmacist licenses and countless more hours to sharpen our clinical skills.

But there is virtually no attention given to our business, leadership, and life skills.

When asked about business acumen, the average pharmacist responds, “That’s outside my pay grade” or “I didn’t go to school for that.”

Even more common, “I don’t work off the clock, and I have no time for that.”

But what if you did have the time?

What if you found a way to maximize your downtime and use it intentionally?

Here’s one path to leveling up as a healthcare professional and leader, written by my fellow Corporate PharmD, Bryan Nguyen:

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