First Draft Thoughts On Talent

The day started just like any other, an uphill battle against pharmacy budget cuts.

But we’re boasting twenty percent script growth over budget.

Let me say this another way: corporate only gives us enough tech payroll to meet script budget, not exceed it.

As any responsible business owner, I schedule to this budget, knowing I will probably need to flex up.

That’s because no one truly knows what the real time demand will be.

And I know better than to blindly follow a silly paper budget. Continue reading “First Draft Thoughts On Talent”

How Pharmacist Get More Technician Hours – Part 2

“I fill 2,000 prescriptions a week, so I should get more hours.”

“My script growth is up 10% versus last year, but my technician hours went down.”

“If I don’t use up my hours, corporate will take them away from me.”

The never-ending cries of retail pharmacists continue: “Corporate never gives us enough hours!” Continue reading “How Pharmacist Get More Technician Hours – Part 2”