How Pharmacists Get More Tech Hours – Part 1

What Everyone In Pharmacy Complains About

Corporate has cut hours, giving pharmacies bare-bones resources in the fight for patient safety and outcomes.

Pharmacist wages frozen, bonuses non-existent, no staff left to ring out patients or fill the hundreds of prescriptions left bleeding in the queue for weeks on end.

Pharmacies are turning into slaughterhouses, with the poor PharmD at the bevel. Continue reading “How Pharmacists Get More Tech Hours – Part 1”

Corporate Pharmacy Jargon For Dummies

Amidst all the chaos, crisis, and never-ending workload in the pharmacy, visits from upper management can induce real death from stress.

To top it off, leaders sometimes cause confusion by throwing around business words and phrases that sound like a completely different language.

How am I supposed to answer your questions without knowing what you mean?

The crazy thing is that most direct reports learn these words only after relentless exposure and stumped facial expressions.

Here’s a small list of corporate vocabulary you can arm yourself with to crush the next DM visit and get back to Pharmacy Life. Continue reading “Corporate Pharmacy Jargon For Dummies”