Why Pharmacists Hate Their Jobs

You’ll hear the same complaints over and over about why certain pharmacists hate their retail jobs. Patients get on their nerves. Working long hours without lunches.

Bosses that never praise or appreciate. Stressful work environments. All things outside of someone’s sphere of influence.

This type of pharmacist likes to complain about their conditions just like they would about the bad weather they can’t change. Continue reading “Why Pharmacists Hate Their Jobs”

Day After the Holiday

The day after the holiday, I show up much earlier than usual to start my morning at the pharmacy. I normally go in about a half hour early to get my mind straight and ease into the day.

Also, I need this time to reflect, warm up my joints, and strategize. Every day needs a strategy and a plan in order to execute on my high priorities. Today, I won’t let the grind get to me, so I bring my A-game early.

Continue reading “Day After the Holiday”

Chains that Shackle Us

The negative stories you hear about corporate pharmacy will all sound the same. Not enough technician hours. Too many metrics to follow. Overly high sales and script quotas we can’t meet. Micromanagement around every failure to meet goals.

Every day, staff pharmacists and pharmacy managers play dumb and hold back in terms of performance because they don’t want to set the bar too high. They think, “If I work too hard this year, next year will be even harder.” Continue reading “Chains that Shackle Us”

More Than Dust

There are some pharmacists who believe they sit high upon a throne, cloaked in prestige and authority. These are the ones who don’t experience the retail grind the same way we do. In fact, stress doesn’t ever show on their face, even when their pharmacy ship is sinking.

These pharmacists are the ones who never pick up the phone or ring up patients at the register. If one were to strip this pharmacist of their white coat, only dust would remain. Continue reading “More Than Dust”

Business Metrics are Like Lab Values

“Don’t take a management position in pharmacy; you’ll be responsible for so many metrics and business reports.”

Pharmacists everywhere have long since feared the overwhelming burden of fiscal responsibility over their stores. The pain of having their autonomy removed and having to submit to the will of corporate higher-ups. Continue reading “Business Metrics are Like Lab Values”