Pharmacist Interns Are Not Free Labor

Pharmacy students put on the dress shirt or blouse and show up early, ready to learn the glorious work of the corporate pharmacist. They bring the resume, their laptop, and notepad primed and eager to learn how to lead, manage, and save lives.

But they soon find that they are stuck in the corner counting by fives and re-stocking the shelves. Continue reading “Pharmacist Interns Are Not Free Labor”

Burn Out or Burn with Passion

All across the country, it is widely accepted that retail pharmacists don’t get proper lunch breaks. Let’s forget the 15 minute breaks to rest, recharge, and refocus.

Regrettably, it has become the norm to skip lunches and forgo even the thought of paid breaks for our technician colleagues. In doing so, we succumb to this dangerous phenomenon called verify fatigue

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